About Us

Welcome to EVEZ CLOTHING!!


We have been registered as ABH TRADERS. ABH traders developed their brand ‘‘DEZLER’’ and started manufacturing boys shirt and pant back in 2010 in their factory in Faisalabad. We opted to provide our services as a whole seller and start delivering our manufactured apparels to different retailers throughout the country. In short period of span, we became professional whole seller with very good reputation in the market due to our uniqueness, good quality and feasible rates. The company has progressed a lot in last few years and now we have launched two other brands EVEZ and SELFIE, which deals with girls’ apparel.

Our mission is to provide fresh fashions trends, tunic designs, and  excellent quality garments for all the age groups at the most competitive and affordable price ranges. Client satisfaction is our major concern. We try to take all the possible steps to deliver you the best. However, if there is any problem/issue, contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve it.



DEZLER specializes in boy’s shirt and pant made from fine quality fabric, focusing on the current fashion trends.


EVEZ CLOTHING specializes in girls KURTIES as it has introduced the embroidered kurties, which are the combination of eastern and western apparel. EVEZ has now further widened its range to girl’s pant and jean.


SELFIE deals with embroidered and printed KURTIES specially designed for little girls aged between 2 years to 7 years.

Future Prospect:

Our strategic plan is to make the business a huge success by providing our best services online and deliver the best to consumer at their doorstep. We aim to broad our business horizon, spreading it to the international market in the coming years.